Marshmallow Shooters

While researching ideas for the PVC pinecone catapult a while ago, Miles and I found these instructions for a blow-pipe Marshmallow Shooter. PVC is such a wonderful material to work with – cuts like butter, cheap as dirt, and all the elbows, caps, and T-joints you could possibly want are readily available at any hardware store. What’s not to love?

Full PDF

Today we decided to go for it. 10 feet of schedule 40 1/2″ PVC costs all of $2.50. With all the joints and fittings, total cost was a few bucks per “gun.” I put “gun” in quotes because this thing is just so darn playful, and I’m not sure it qualifies. It’s more of a “human breath marshmallow launcher.” And when the bullets are made of puffed sugar, it’s a stretch to call out the gun play metaphors.

Miles measured and marked out the segments after studying the comic above, I worked the chop-saw, and we assembled together. Total build time was less than 20 minutes. Mini-marshmallows fit cleanly into 1/2″ PVC (the snugger the better). We were completely amazed at how straight and clean these babies fly – we were able to launch them 25-30 feet and hit targets like the chimney on the roof, bus stop signs, or the sidewalk on the other side of the street with ease. They do sting slightly if you get hit at close range, but not at all through a light shirt or pants.

Miles finds his mark – Mommy gardening

They’re soft enough to be totally safe in the house, but don’t stomp ’em into the carpet or you’ll be sorry. Outside, they can probably be considered completely biodegradable.

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  1. I made these a few years ago with my kids, using that same webcomic. They were a blast! I’m glad to see that comic is still inspiring others as did myself!

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