Cigar Box Ukulele

Wonderful Amy got me a cigar box ukulele kit for Christmas… more than a year ago :)

I finally finished the build a few weeks ago (ridiculous, right?), and have been having a gas with it. Full writeup and pics over on Bucketlist, but here’s the slideshow version, as well as a little video I put together to show how the sound of a cigar box compares to the warm tones of a nice professionally built koa wood uke.

As I was told by a uke head in Hawaii at the start of last summer, “Sound is round, round is sound. What do you expect from a square box?”

The Flickr set includes captions. Here’s the video comparing sound of the cigar box to a “real” uke:

5 Replies to “Cigar Box Ukulele”

  1. The cigar box sounds a little bit like a banjolele, which I quite like. Good to add some rhythm to old swing tunes, or to play some George Formby. That said, nothing beats a good Koa uke.

  2. Stijn, word! Unfortunately I didn’t use a separate mic for this little demo, and the difference in the sound of the two is not nearly as dramatic as it is IRL. Next time…

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