Wooden House

Wooden-House-M Over the past couple of months, Miles and I have been toiling in the garage in the evenings after dinner, working on simple construction projects. He’s getting his first opportunities to work the vice, pull the trigger on the electric drill (which I hold), run an orbital sander, help with the hole saw, screw screws, hammer nails, etc. His favorite tool, unsurprisingly, is the vice. At one point I was tweaking on the teensy hinge screws and looked over to find him cranking down on a tube of Gorilla Glue – had the thing torqued to the breaking point. Another half turn and it would have blown sky high. Which at first sounds like a total mess, but on further thought would have been an absolute disaster – glue in his hair, possibly his eyes, him rubbing his hands all over the place to get it off, making everything worse. He put so much work into this little house. Honestly, it doesn’t get used that much, but the process was wonderful for both of us.

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  1. That’s really great you’re doing that.

    My father wasn’t much with tools, so I never learned how to use most of what you list here, and what’s sad is that I will not really be able to teach my son how to use them either.

  2. It’s never too late Zeigen! If you want to do it, start small and build up. If you have a Home Depot nearby, check out their father/son Sundays – they usually have some kind of cool construction project you can do together, which is free and fun.

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