Big Cat Dream

Usually it’s tough to get Miles to tell us about the occasional nightmares that wake him up in the middle of the night, and we’re left wondering what manner of unholy terrors occupy the subconscious of a 5-year-old. But this morning, he was intent on making sure we had every detail. First thing this morning, he arranged two chairs facing each other, sat me down, and relayed his dream from the previous night:

First, Mommy gave me a package of Playmabile toys*. And then the Playmabile toys came to life. And this adventure all started in Minnesota, looking down a hill. And then I saw a lady driving a truck. A yellow truck. And then I said “Hi lady!” And then the lady said “Hi little boy!” The lady had a kid in the truck with her. And they were hunting for a jaguar. And then I decided to hunt with them. And then so I creeped in to the misty forest and there were lots of branches. And then I met up with the lady and the kid again and we saw animals that didn’t want the jaguar to eat them. And then we saw the jaguar and we got fed up with it. We got super mad at it. And then the animals were super scared. And then we were trying to find ways to fight with the jaguar (it was still alive) and so we got fed up with it again and we fighted up with it again. And then we stepped on it and crushed on it and then it was finally crushedly dead (get it? because it got crushed by our feet!) And then the animals were just walking and singing. And this is the part where the Playmabile toys went back to being toys and the lady and the kid also turned into toys and also the animal and the jaguar also turned into toys. So now everyone was a toy and I tried to stuff them into my toybox but they wouldn’t fit and then I saw that my trains were under my green bench so I thought I could put my Playmabile toys on top but I could only could put half of them in because that’s the end of my dream.

* He always says “Playmaybile” rather than Playmobil – we don’t correct him; it’s too cute :)

This naturally led to a discussion about how Steve Jobs is in the habit of saying “Jagwire” rather than Jaguar, and all about the big cat naming convention, which got him wondering whether OS X would have to move to big dogs when the big cats ran out. Which naturally led to him right-clicking all over the place and deleting some of my bookmarks. Then he told us he wants to go to Prague because he likes the castles.

Music: Yabby You :: Zambia Dub w/Jah Walton

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  1. The big dog idea was a good one, but as I think about it, big cats are much bigger (and more colorful) than big dogs. I can’t even think of a good dog-fur desktop pattern. Ask Miles if big birds would work. Of course Sesame Street would end up suing Apple if they use a big yellow Big Bird and all the Playmabiles would turn into lawyers…

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