Nose Flute

Rolandkirk Showing Miles images last night of Rahsaan Roland Kirk playing two and three saxophones at once, and the nose flute to boot. Miles was quite taken with this, and started explaining that he add extra, invisible nostrils placed at strategic locations around his head (specifically, three on his head, one in his chin, and two in his nose – an arrangement which provided opportunity for some interesting mathematical word problems: “And if you had five nostrils in your head and three in your chin, then how many nose flutes could you play?”).

Noseflute1     Noseflute2

Noseflute3     Noseflute4

This morning he started rummaging through spare parts left over from a recent bathroom remodel and pulled out some plumbing. Stuck one piece in his mouth and another in his nose, claimed he was Roland Kirk, and performed a full half-hour set.

Was Kirk the Hendrix of the police whistle? (see last 60 seconds of Volunteered Slavery)

Quote: “I didn’t ask my mother to buy me a trumpet or violin. I started right on the water hose.”

Music: Nino Rota :: Valzer – La Dolce Vita

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  1. Greatest. Chops. Ever.

    This is an excellent documentary if you haven’t seen it before.

    “When the beat hits you and the spirit gets to you, let it explode with a climaxiful force of being here.”

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