John Lebkowsky takes umbrage at the fact that doesn’t allow advertising on its free blogs, saying “I’m enough of a libertarian to see this as excessive control.” I disagree. First, I’d think the libertarian view would be that is free to run their service however they see fit. Second, it’s a free service, so who can look a gift horse in the mouth? Third, people wanting to run ads are free to install their own blogging software and run all the ads they like. And fourth, without a policy like that, could become the ultimate splog magnet. I totally respect that Mullenweg and crew have stuck to their guns on this one.

Music: Holy Modal Rounders :: Mole in the Ground

3 Replies to “Ad-Free”

  1. Agreed, Scot.

    No one is forcing anyone to use this service, relatively inexpensive viable solutions exist, and the decision to not have ads does not negatively impact others.

    No harm, no foul. If you don’t like the tune, start your own band.

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