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  1. At the end of that portfolio Larry linked to, there’s a note saying that anyone who wants to help out can contribute to http://fisherhouse.org/ — an organization that provides places for family members to live while their loved ones are in the hospital, rehab, etc.

    On a recent NPR program I heard a soldier’s wife commenting about the vast gulf between military families and the rest of the country. They provide lots of support to one another, and the rest of the country does almost nothing … it’s not like WWII, when everyone had rationing, or even Vietnam, when people were at least protesting. What this woman said is “we went to war, and the rest of the country went shopping.”

    Say what you will about the war, that’s just not right. It seems to me that Fisher House would be a really good way for people to “support our troops” with more than just rhetoric.

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