Cambrian House

On the heels of the crowdsourcing meme — Cambrian House is going all-out to leverage the wisdom of crowds to conceive and build new products. How it Works: “You think it, crowds test it, crowds build it, we sell it, you profit.” Though I’m not sure why the testing comes before the building in that diagram, the idea is cool, and the site is building up a nice database of ideas waiting to be worked on. Hmm… looks like this is bigger than I thought: “CambrianHouse.Com was rated by Alexa.Com in the top 100 most searched Canadian websites.”

Why Cambrian?

The term Cambrian Explosion swiped from Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos when describing the initial internet boom, is recycled by Reiss: “[M]idtown Manhattan’s valley of old media dinosaurs is besieged by a Cambrian explosion of digitally empowered life-forms: podcasters, bloggers, burners, P2P buccaneers, mashup artists, phonecam paparazzi. Viewers are vanishing, shareholders are in revolt, advertisers are Googling for the exit.”

Additional evidence that Cambrian House “gets it” — the use of vikings rather than pirates in their iconography (pirates are sooo 2004), and their stealing liberally from the BeOS desktop.

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  1. Hiya Scot,

    We test the ideas before we build them to confirm people really like this idea (writing software for ideas no one likes is what we want to avoid).

    Thanks for the post – death to the pirates ;)


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