Whale Watchers

Whale watchers in Norway got more than they bargained for recently:

While the tourists were admiring one of the great mammals of the sea, a Norwegian whaling boat approached and shot the whale in front of their eyes.

There’s a sort of cultural schizophrenia here, a country profiting both from selling the right to watch whales in all their native grace and also to kill them for profit. Not that much different from our own bizarre contradictions (we eat cows but not horses, chickens but not cats… why?) But weird when two sides of the public mind collide so viscerally.

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4 Replies to “Whale Watchers”

  1. We don’t eat cats because they wouldn’t taste nice. Carnivores rarely do. I wouldn’t object to a bit of horsemeat though.

  2. Geez. I’m a confirmed carnivore, but leave the damn whales alone! They’re too rare to be hunted for food. (OK, I’d be willing to make an exception for indigenous people hunting them by traditional means…)

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