Grilled Banana Splits

Various recipes found online recommend grilling bananas in the skins (with incisions) or in foil, but that’s totally unnecessary. Yesterday peeled 20 bananas (yes, I was feeding an army), cut them in half lengthwise, and put them flat-side down on a medium-hot grill for about 10 minutes. A few unlucky pieces fell through the grates, where they’ll ultimately smolder into nothingness, but the rest turned a bit soft and came back with lovely diagonal grill marks.

The 2nd key to this sundae is caramelized almonds – toast slivers in a small frying pan, then stir in brown sugar until it melts and coats the almonds.

Assembled grilled bananas, high-test vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, the caramelized almonds, (and other delights) and a slab of drizzled caramel. It was actually somewhat risky, trying this banana grilling business for the first time on 20 guinea pigs, but came out amazing – if you didn’t know better you’d think the whole thing was sitting in a pool of brandy.

4 Replies to “Grilled Banana Splits”

  1. Holy fruitastic frijoles, Birdhouseman! That sounds like the Best Dessert Evar. My whole body salivates at the thought. Great twist on a classic. Next time I’m in California, I’m pounding the door down and demanding grilled bananananana splittitude.

    2 cents: grilled peaches have heretofore held the title of Most Favored Grilled Fruit, but I’ll give you youngsters’s “grilled banana” a try….

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