Server Move Complete

Went for it last night, and Birdhouse Hosting is now in its new home. Four hours to securely transfer 65 accounts totaling ~20GBs of data between two cPanel servers. Considering that there’s a lot more to transferring an account than copying a home dir around*, the cPanel-to-cPanel transfer mechanisms are pretty good at getting it right. DNS propagated overnight, and we’re live with a VPS in a quad-CPU, 8GB, hot-swap setup.

Only two small glitches to mop up this morning – the alternate SMTP port wasn’t open, and apache was configured to choose index.html before index.php when both present. Other than that, the migration was flawless and I can start thinking about making a Christmas shopping list. Let’s see, shouldn’t be too hard to come up with a tally of naughty and nice Birdhouse users…

* Users databases are off in /var/lib/mysql, mail forwarders and aliases are in /etc/valiases/*, mailing list archives are kept deep in the bowels, crontabs are here, quota settings are there, service plan features and packages somewhere else entirely, foobar is behind my left ear, and it all has to be packaged up neatly and restored on the other end inside an accompanying account with all passwords intact — not a fun job to do manually (I’ve been down that road) but pretty much effortless with the cPanel transfer mechanisms.

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