Beefier Birdhouse

Birdhouse is moving! We’re about to undertake a migration of customers from our current dedicated server setup into a managed reseller environment, where we’ll be setting up shop on a beefy quad-CPU box under the watchful eye of a dedicated management team. As some of our sites get more and more popular, we’re seeing increasingly frequent load issues on the current single-CPU server that we can’t manage effectively. The goal is to free myself up from server performance considerations, so I can focus more on development and implementation.

To celebrate the move, we’ve just raised virtually all of the limits on all of our hosting plans — more email accounts, more databases, more add-on domains, more everything. It’s nearly impossible to stay competitive in an industry that puts the airline biz to shame when it comes to overselling, but we think these new plans bring us quite a bit closer.

The actual move may not happen for another day or two, but we’ve got nearly all our ducks in a row now. We’re not anticipating any downtime, crossing fingers. See you on the other side!

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  1. Congratulations to you and your hostees for the success that precipitates this move.

    Think I’ll probably be joining you soon, the mac that serves my pages keeps going to sleep randomly during the day…when I’m at work and can’t restart it. :(

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