The Chronic (What?) Culls of Narnia

Caught this amazing rap on SNL last weekend (Lazy Sunday) with Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell mackin’ on cupcakes, Google Maps, and “The Chronic.” “What?” “Culls, of Narnia.” Tip of the Kanga to Beasties, Matthew Perry, and Mr. Pibb. Amy and I have been riffing on this all week. Miles gets in on the act too. “Pass the chronic!” he yells, loud as he can, and we all fall down laughing.

Thanks selenevomer

Music: Mission of Burma :: Learn How

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  1. This year’s cast is improving the S/N ratio on SNL… I think if they get a few more new cast members and jettison some of the people who’ve been there for awhile next year could be great!

  2. Dear Mr. Graham —

    After intensive consultation with my better half, we have come to the conclusion that it is not ultimately in our family’s best interest to post video online of our son asking interlocutors to “pass the chronic.”

    So you’ll just have to imagine. Thanks for your interest.

  3. FYI cupcakes from the Magnolia Bakery in Manhattan’s West Village are awesome. And the Bakery is open late, no doubt to cater to the needs of those who’ve passed the chronic. ;-)

  4. Doesn’t seem to matter how obscure the object of the post lately, one of you guys have been there, done that.

    Post about incestuous necrophilia with foreign objects. I, for one, would be interested in the show of hands.

  5. Click dat URL ’cause dat’s what it’s for.
    Grab dat shit off da pimp-ass iTunes Music Store.
    Wiff broadband man, y’all download like a god,
    transfer that bitch up inside yo’ video iPod!

    Man dose white boys gotsa sweet pimpin’ groove,
    Wiff the MPEG4 dat shit plays 2 smoov!
    Hit rewind watch that shit whenevah you wishes,
    wiff Mr. Pibb an’ Red Vines dat shit’s crazy delicious!

    Throw the headphones on an’ dat shit’s fully whack.
    Toss the video iPod in yo’ mack-daddy backpack.
    Dat tune’s still rockin’, damn the beats be insane.
    Watch dat shit at yo’ desk or ridin’ on da train!

    Just a click-wheel and ‘phones, no complicated switches.
    Dat video iPod scores big wiff da bitches.
    They like dat click wheel and they start playin’ wiff yo’ knob.
    Damn, muthaf*ckah! I *gots* t’thank Steve Jobs!

  6. Oh, I know Sean – but I liked the idea and was going to do it anyway :). I actually did get out the camera and shoot a bit, but that priceless footage will have to remain locked away forever and ever…

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