Cosmic Craigslist

If you post to craigslist in the next few months, you’ll notice a new checkbox at the end of the submission form:

– ok to transmit this posting into outer space

According to their press release,

craigslist … announced plans to offer its users the opportunity to have their postings transmitted trillions of miles beyond the confines of the Solar System. … craigslist announced the ambitious plan after CEO Jim Buckmaster won an auction on eBay for the first private communication to be transmitted into deep space by Deep Space Communications Network, of Cape Canaveral, Florida.

On his own blog, Newmark reminds users that “we can NOT retrieve or cancel craigslist ads beamed into extrasolar space. (It’s been requested.)”

Via Newsosaur

Music: John Fahey :: The Transcendental Waterfall

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