Water Main

Watermain Not two weeks after a giant eucalyptus crashed outside my office door, today I suddenly hear a great gushing sound. Step outside and I’m in the shower. Workers removing the stump with a crane had pulled up a watermain, and a geyser shot up 40 feet in the air or so. A river flowed down into next building (my office was spared), and workers scrambled for 10 minutes to control the gush. Snapped a handful of pics and made a quickie slideshow.

Update: Got a kick out of the post on this at CalStuff, where they refer to me as “Professor Scot Hacker.” Professor? No idea where they got that information. Then the author goes on to say “go start a blog! They are fun and easy …” By that I guess he means “fun and easy to be wildly inaccurate.” 36 hours after writing the author to let him know I was not a professor, he hasn’t changed it. Then he calls me “Hackler” in a P.S. at the end of the entry. Sheesh.

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  1. So glad I’m working from home today. Although the construction noise here is only slightly less than Stanley Hall.

  2. my guess is that is 28-32 feet, but nevertheless, lovely move. Shower time for all. 3rd world, there would be 100s of kids, mothers and of course some changemaker at the temple.

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