Banana Slug

Miles Slug Miles found a banana slug in Tilden Park, sat watching it scoot for a long time, then made a little bridge for it to crawl under, a technique no doubt borrowed from the parallel universe of his choo-choo obsession. “Here you go, bana sug!” Stroked it gently. After treating it with care and sweetness for the longest time, he suddenly stood up and, without warning, stepped on it — hard. Amy shrieked, and suddenly he became very frightened, unsure of what he had just done. A child encountering his own power to hurt. Amazingly, the slug slithered away under its own steam. But later, over dinner, he became very sad and worried when the topic came up, seemed like he was going to cry. An opportunity to talk about life. All of these things so confusing and fascinating to a toddler. Phonecam image, love the fishbowl effect.

4 Replies to “Banana Slug”

  1. re: “But later, over dinner”

    … and then with our kids there is the discussion of the chicken on the table and how we outsource killing them…

    When I step on a bug in the house, I say: “Sorry, you weren’t invited.”

  2. It’s OK to step on a bug.
    Less so to squish a fat slug.
    For although covered with slime
    they’re a bit more sublime.
    And to kill one just makes you a thug.

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