Google Maps Walking Tour

Google Maps is the coolest thing to happen to online maps since… online maps. But their basic location and navigation capabilities just scratch the surface. Thrown in GPS data, XML wrappers, and some simple animation techniques, and the possibilities crack wide open. Paul writes:

“Here’s an interesting combination of GPS, Google Maps and Flash (with cellphone GPS and photos to come in the future): A Google Maps walking tour of Keene, NH.”

Jon Udell (who created the walking tour) asks: What will we be able to do when there are millions of people walking around with GPS-enabled phones? And he answers himself: “We’re going to use them to collectively annotate the planet.”

Music: Bjork :: Oceania

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  1. actually we will use the GPS phone data to round up suspected terrorist, put them in GPS phone making slave labor camps that produce even more cheap enslaving technology so more folks can be rounded up.

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