Kings of Leon != Strokes + Allmans

Dave Eggers has apparently started doing a monthly column for Spin Magazine (once upon a time, i.e. back in college, I subscribed and read like religion). His debut article is on why you should be digging Kings of Leon and why, no, they don’t sound like a cross between The Strokes and The Allman Brothers. The timing is perfect. My initial impression of Kings of Leon was that they were a less-interesting Strokes, with less city in their blood. Two days of Kings on the iPod and I’m begging forgiveness for forming opinions too quickly. Eggers explains why.

Kings of Leon are motorboats on crowded lakes and waterskiing in cutoffs and hiding Milwaukee’s Best in the forest, in the snow, in January, because your parents caught on that you were keeping cases in the fridge in the garage. Kings of Leon are knowing a guy in juvie and having a cousin who’s been in jail twice. And that cousin, by the way, the one with the burns all over his right forearm–nothing interesting, just an accident with coffee–that cousin, Terry, would love Kings of Leon if he gave them a chance.

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  1. Perfect description. Something very midwest, garage, 70’s about them.

    Have you read their bio? Son’s of a preacher man. Too perfect to be really true! If it is manufactured, it is pure genius, if it it truth, it is pure genius.

  2. Gill asked me a few weeks back to grab some Kings of Leon; I’d heard the name but knew little about them. Finally got hold of some a few days ago, and have become a convert.

  3. The full article by Dave Eggars is Brilliant. sums up the Kings brillantly. I could listen all day – and do! See them live if you get the chance: its magic.

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