Good Afternoon, Mary

Freaky and somewhat beautiful, totally obsessive, but just strangge enough to justify itself, 2004: The Stupid Version — a short film about iPods by David Wellington and Adrian Peters (mneptok points out that the film is apparently called simply “iPods”). Walking SF streets tonight, looking at all the iPod Minis dangling from necks, all the “Life is Random” bus stop posters, perhaps the film is not so far off the mark. Other films by the pair here, but not as good.

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  1. Well I guess SF would give you a rather skewed experience in that regard, as Apple HQ is of course right around the corner and the NCAL population is known for being tech-savvy.

    When I look at any street in Holland, or Copenhagen (my new home. That’s Denmark for the geographically-impaired :-) ) there is very little of that stuff going on. Of course iPods are being used more and more here too and it is rare that a day goes by without seeing several on the streets.

    No ads though. I was shocked to see a big iPod ad on the side of a building in downtown Amsterdam a few months ago. I’d never seen an outdoor ad for Apple ever before. Perhaps the fact that they are no appear even here means we’re just a bit behind and the full force of iPod world is yet to hit!

  2. Of course the plethora of Apple-related ads in SF right now is due to MacWorld going on, but there are still Apple ads all over American cities year-round.

  3. What a funny short flick.. the old lady walking by hooked up to the ipod with the big earbuds was great..
    Very well done..

    “Thanks very much”…

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