Play-Dough Hat Hair

Miles was wearing his fireman’s hat for like three hours tonight, never left his head. Amy finally went to take it off him, only to find it stuck. Hunh? She pries it off and looks inside: A big honkin’ lump of blue Play-Dough, mushed into the dome and glommed into his hair. Then more fun discovering that a small wad of Play-Dough can be used to make a little plastic person walk up the side of a wooden house. Making Play-Dough hamburgers, um-um (ice cream), green beans, making sure everyone gets a bite. Learning the difference between eating food made out of Play-Dough for real and eating it for pretend. Learning why it’s not the best idea to mix the colors too thoroughly, or to let dried bits of Play-Dough from previous sessions become intermingled with the current project.

Two months ago Play-Dough was this bizarre substance he wasn’t quite sure what to make of, regarded with trepidation; now it’s an obsession surpassed only by Thomas the Tank Engine (more on Thomas another night).

Music: Black Arks :: Come Along

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