3 Replies to “We Don’t Support That”

  1. Oh man, that was so realistic it gave me flashbacks! I worked for one of those call center outsourcing places about 9 years ago, supporting Mac software.

    Our team actually had a bit of esprit de corps, being the only Mac support group in the place and about 2/3’s Mac lovers themselves – but the PC folks were just like the drones in the article… I got out as fast as I could :)

  2. Those kinds of techs are the most annoying especially if you work in a place where the economics are backwards. Our “call center” essentially loses money for each call so it’s actually to our benefit to go for a first call resolution even if it takes a little bit longer. Our entire support model is geared towards fixing the caller’s problem so that they don’t have to ever call us back again.

    The problem is that nearly every other call center here in Austin (it seems) knows this so if a SBC DSL or RoadRunner customer calls their tech support line for help with their problem, they’ll get punted to us as if we’d know how to fix their connection problems.

    I wish I could get paid for not doing my job. :P

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