Napsterization, Artefact Salvage …

Big welcome to all of these recently added birdhouse hosting customers:, centered around an integrated weblog, is “a resource to understand the napsterization by digital media of analog, old economy institutions, frameworks and media. It is … an opportunity to understand how many people use digital media, a meeting place for people to connect over their experiences with digital media, and a place for others to learn about these issues.” — promo site for an amazing San Jose garden ornamentation outlet. “is a multimedia documentary project that combines photographs, sound and text to tell the story of the impact of homicide in the African-American community in Oakland. Like a stone dropping into a pond, each death ripples throughout the community to touch dozens of lives.”

Named for its author’s love of both rock climbing and the game of Go, is written by Xiao Qiang, the Tang Teaching Fellow and the Director of Berkeley China Internet Project at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.

As well as several sites whose owners prefer to remain hidden.

Music: Steve Hillage :: Saucer Surfing

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