creek_overflowTorrential rains through the night, woke to the sound of wind whipping our awning, rain pelting through the screen and onto glass. I love to run in the rain, wrapped the iPod in a baggie and took off for two miles in the downpour. I’m in heaven when you smile. On the way out the door to work, discovered that our backyard had overflowed and water was running through the garage, an improvised stream. Fortunately Amy’s murals were up on palettes. At work, found that the normally gentle trickle of Strawberry Creek had turned into a brown, gushing torrent, little creek bursting at the seams. Came back with a camera two hours later and it was already receding. The mashed-down grass shows the creek’s high-water mark. I love these striations of color showing activity of the earth.

Music: Groove Master :: Tangle Locks

2 Replies to “Overflow”

  1. I love walking in the rain as well, and snow in the dark of night. I wonder what thats says about us.

  2. Waldo,
    I LOVE walking in the snow at night. All the kids in the neighborhood would try to stay outside as late as possible when it was snowing.

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