boobahI wouldn’t have thought it possible, but children’s programming has become even more cosmic/surreal than the Teletubbies.

The Boohbahs, five magical atoms of power, light and fun travel in their Boohball around the world, from child to child. Fifteen countries are visited throughout the changing title sequence.

In the intro, five balls of light float, squirt, and poot through intensely psychedelic swirls of gelatinous color and sparkles until the Boobahs are magically born into their interstellar travel pods. I have to conclude that the Boobahs are starseed, sent to this galaxy from another to give one-year-olds positronic vibrations.

Needless to say, Miles is transfixed by the Boobahs, even more than he ever was by Teletubbies. Kind of blows my mind that some people are down on Boobah – ummm, lady? The show (as far as I can tell) is for pre-lingual kids, not for eight-year-olds to learn geometry.

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  1. I’m down on Boobahs, but that’s just because I find the show creepy as shit. :)

    That lady is a kook though… The article she quotes never says that the show will teach children geometry, but instead teach them to identify geometric shapes.

    The show may be good for children, but it scares the hell out of me.

  2. I watched the Boobahs for the fist time today. I think it was the weirdest show I have ever seen. I am not critisizing it in anyway, I just am a bit unclear on why we would want a show that does not relate to the real world including any relation to real world geometry or language. I dont understand why they have shows where the characters talk unformed words like babies do. The whole babie language process is about trying to develope language skills of adults. But when a show comes on that is speaking in this way how is it going to shape the langauge skills of the next generation which are watching the show. Even their shape poses an interesting idea, are the Boobahs shaped like that so the next generation thinks it good to have that kind of body shape in the future, this looks like a show to make kids get used to the ideas and visions of rotund figures on cosmic barbituates ha ha ha!
    Thanks, Tom

  3. I love that the show has no one specific setting. I think this makes it more accessible to children of various geographies and languages. I love that the characters are colors and shapes different from real life, too – they are consequently more relatable to everyone that way.
    But, I must disagree with you: I believe that the show does indeed relate to the real world – the purpose of the show is to get children moving and to increase their large motor skills. The dancing is fun and wonderful – both by the Boobah characters and by the children in the circles. – and meant to model movements as well as motivate children to move. What does it say about our culture that people are so focused on appearances that the shape of pretend atom-creatures for children can even make people uncomfortable? *Tirade warning: (Does Santa’s jiggly tummy disturb you, too? Think children are going to go on a Santa-induced cookie diet to grow up and be like him? Don’t worry – they will get plenty of messages from our culture that tell them not to be that shape.) But, I digress. Important language skills for a toddler include increasing their vocabulary and understanding concepts of words. Much of their learning involves sound and word combinations. I suggest reading Penelope Leach on the subject. She explains it much better than I. Bottom line: the show’s purpose is not to focus on language or geometry, but movement. Don’t underestimate those large motor skills at this age! They are every bit as important as the cognitive skills!

  4. My daughter is only 2 BooBah Comes on the Tv and She jumps up and Dances around and Loves to Move with them and The Story People She relates to and Call Her Gandfather Gandpapa after seeing boobah as weird as it may seem to adults my daughter is picking up more and more language skills and I really can’t wait untill it comes out on DVD So she can have Something she enjoys on them rainy weekends

    It all about the kids

  5. My 18 month old loves the boobahs, on weekends, she is constantly handing the remote to me or my wife and saying boobah, boobah! begging for us to turn it to the show. It’s also a lot easier for me to sit through than barnie or some of the other shows for toddlers. I keep checking the pbs shop and bestbuy, etc. hoping they will release a dvd so next time she requests it on weekends I can come through with it. For those complaining that it doesn’t represent the real world, lighten up, it’s for kids!! The real world is not pretty and they’ll get more of it than they or you will want them to get in later years. I guess some people just have to have something to complain about.

  6. I watched this show today…IT WAS HALLARIOUS..i was cracking up at like all times…great show..lemme tell ya.

  7. This show is the trippiest thing I have ever seen, and I cannot even begin to tell you the amusement I recieve from it. I enjoy it immensely. However, one question: How come the children in the Boobah circles do their activities (which usually consist of a child walking around on their tiptoes) for such an extensive period of time? I appreciate the fact that they are showing the progress they are making on their physical abilities, but why must the Boobah program show them doing this for at least 10 minutes straight?
    Nevertheless, I love the Boobahs themselves and their kooky dances. Keep up the good work!

  8. My youngest daughter is 19 months old and she recently discovered boobah thanks to her older sister and she absolutely loves it! She constantly wants to watch the same episodes over and over and gets a huge cheese grin on her face at the opening “booooooobaaaaaaah!!” I love the fact that sister, brother, auntie, etc. are all of different races and colors as we are a biracial family and we all look different also. The exercise portion is a little long tho and she usually loses interest at that part, but as soon as the show is over it’s “boobah!boohbah!” all over again. I can’t wait for the merchandise!!

  9. I’ts comforting to know that others find this programme weird and freaky. My 2 year old daughter has recently become enamoured of it and I find myself strangely drawn to it too. It’s something I wouldn’t care to watch after a spliff or two. Not that I smoke that stuff mind…

  10. Me and my friend watch Boobahs everyday and we love it! Our favourite episode so far was the one with the space hoppers! We loved watching Grandpa!

  11. Argh!! My sister-in-law has bought a purple boohbah for my daughter’s forthcoming 2nd birthday. It’s damned scary and the eyes move about in the same alarming manner as they do on the programme. Won’t be taking that to bed with me!

  12. Those boobah things are FREAKY! OK, sometimes they r funny, but the first time we saw them, my little sister was freaked out! She really was scared of them and even my parents think they’re WEIRD! I think they’re looks are funny but they’re show is scary, especially they’re eyes! What is up with they’re eyes???

  13. I saw the Boobah show today for the first time, and all I could think, was, “AAAAAAAAA! What IS this?” Sure, it cracked me up, but they’re shifty little, I mean, MASSIVE eyes, made me almost hide behind the couch! The narrator has such a boring monotone voice it has no expression. The set, well, what can i say? Not dissing it or anything, i mean it beats the Teletubbies, but isnn’t it a bit weird?

  14. I agree with the comments that boobahs are very weird creatures with a hidden agenda ha ha ha. Yes shifty is the word Ashley, good to see some people agree that boobahs are weird. Their eyes are so huge so they can see over huge distances into your living room where you are watching boobahs. It is just like frodos ring, when he puts it on he is drawn to the eye of saron and it sees him. Same thing with boobahs, you swithch on the Boobahs and you are drawn to it and then the boobahs look at you and then your a gonner! ahhhhhhhhhhh

  15. what does the name mean, if anything.. i mean.. boo and bah.. right there sounds odd to me..
    I don’t like my children to watch this show.. the boobahs are freaky looking and I don’t like the feeling that I get inside when I look at them.. its kinda weird.. whats up with those big black eyes? … I don’t know.. I would rather not subject my kids to them… Is there like a hidden New Age agenda or sonething to this show..
    I wonder.. maybe I’m wrong.. but something just doesnt sit right with me..

  16. I can’t get enough of Boobah. It’s psychedelic! Never mind about the alleged benefits of getting kids to exercise. This show is about turning on and getting high. The child dancers in their circles remind me of the hippies in the famous “Hippie Temptation” CBS documentary, file tapes of which are endlessly shown on late night advertisements for “Summer of Love” CD sets, bouncing around in joyful universal rhythms to the music of the Grateful Dead. It is the only show on television that could make me want a high definition TV and a wall-sized screen.

    I am an inveterate Teletubbies watcher — it kept me from losing my mind during all-night telecommutes. Remember how that show taught communism? Po, who was red, spoke Cantonese and didn’t always obey the speakers, encouraging the others to run away and hide.

  17. Boohbah’s r so freaken scary !!!!!!!!!
    I wouldnt let my kids watch this show if they paid me ……………wear is the mouth how do they talk without one or eat to stay alive assuming they do eat, if u do not show them eating my childeren will divelope eating disorders.Oh well im just trying to say that i will never be watching this show ever again…………….

  18. What really freaks me out about this thread is that so many parents are so totally afraid of the unknown, so convinced that something that seems strange to an adult will not seem wonderful and magical to toddlers. To be honest, I’m kind of shocked at the rigidity of some of the parents posting here – I would hope that parents would welcome and encourage the most far-out / creative imagery available to their children.

    Those of you who have expressed trepidation about this show — what exactly are you afraid of? Be specific, please.

  19. I’m just stunned by the parents who have posted here that they are “frightened” by the boobahs, and would not allow their children to watch the show. I think there’s a difference between being a parent and being a control freak.. why not let a child decide for her/himself if this show is worth watching? There’s certainly nothing dangerous about this show!! It’s sad when children are deprived of experiencing something harmless because of their parents’ neuroses. Any adult who is scared by a big-eyed fat fuzzy character needs to see a shrink, quickly. If a show is just fluff, a child will forget about it quickly and move on to something else.. no damage done.

  20. P.S., I think a lot of the parents posting here need to worry more about learning how to SPELL than whether or not their children watch the Boobahs. How can kids be expected to learn when their parents can’t correctly string two words together?

  21. Love them, Love them, Love them. Can’t find much merchandise on them so I went to the local art store and fused thier images to a T-Shirt. sub·con·scious·ly complicated, simply magical, simply joyful.

  22. Being something of a spelling/punctuation/grammar fiend, I have to agree with Barbara’s comments regarding some of the appalling spelling here. Far more frightening than anything one sees on ‘Boohbah’ (notice that it is in fact spelled Boohbah and not Boobah).
    That said, I do find the programme freaky and weird. Here endeth the lesson for today.

  23. i think that the boohbas is one of the weirdest things on tv today. But, i watch them because my 14 month old niece loves them.

  24. My 16 month old nephew watches the Boobahs and he just loves them. He even knows when they are coming on just by the tv shows that we watch. I personally think they are very strange and kinda stupid, but my nephew likes them so my sister and I grit our teeth and watch them with him.

    The story people are really stupid, but the Boobahs were not created for adults so I try to keep that in mind.

  25. There is hope for Boobahs yet. There should be a ADULTS ONLY boobah show! Each show can have different themes. Then us adults can fully appreciate the wonder of Boobahs:) They were going to put on an adults only telletubbie show but they couldnt fit the show into the tight shedual, but at least the costumes didnt go to waste, they were used for the childrens tellitubbie show after the Adults Only Tellietubbies show had scrapped. Boobahhhhhh


  27. Oh My GOD! They are the scariest, strangest little creeps I have ever seen! I have a 9 year old sisiter who starts the cry whenever that god-forsaken show comes on! I hope they cancel it!

  28. I dont let my kids watch the boobahs and these are my own personal feelings .. after watching a few episodes with and without my children, and after reading about them..I concluded that this show just is not for my family ..

    I’m not comfortable with them and I feel its in the best interest of my children that they not learn how to summon colorful atoms of power by chanting some magical chant to come and control their surroundings by saying a magic word.. or help them solve problems by magically blowing gifts to people..

    I teach my children how to pray to God above for guidance..and I want my children to grow up with their feet firmly planted on the ground and their minds clear of all this magical mystical nonsense..

    My children will grow up to be well rounded, functional, intelectual, moving, happy, playful, sprititual adults that have compassion for humanity without the influence of the magical mystical boobahs..

    So, no loss in this household, I feel not subjecting my children to this, or to any other show like this, is gain.

    and I think someone needs to encourage those boobahs to get up out of those pods and do some movement .. for a show that seems to encourage physcial fitness those boobahs are really fat.

  29. my grandson loves the boohbahs. magical mystical perhaps but then not all believe in God so there for majikal mystical is a way of life. It is not about religion, or adult thinking, of being thin/fat, or being all educational( geez can’t anything be fun?) I can’t believe anyone in their right mind would be “afraid” of these playful units. We are cosmic, we are magical, we are a wonder of the universe, how we came to be is irrelevent(sp), our children need to have their imaginations stimulated and have fun not just educational all the time. Lighten up, let it be fun, it is for babies and children who love the stimulation! Get over the whole scary, spooky, weird, freaky and yes “anti-god” stuff and let babies be babies and toddlers be toddlers. Enough already, it is a joy for them why put in your perspective just because you can’t relate to it? They are children and will be adults soon enough, let them be just that, children. They are not miniture adults they are children, do you forget that? Does Pooh always speak perfect or tigger, of course not, so what, they are FUN, and it sometimes needs to be just fun. Let if be that. Babies and toddlers need fun too not all educational. Get over yourself and let the child out once in a while to play and then you will see what they see.

  30. hmmmmmmm
    Nope, not all believe in God..sad but true..

    My kids will be fine without boobahs.. LOL
    Their world will not cave in and their imaginations will be stimulated just fine

    LOL I’m not afraid… just not comfortable..not comfortable with the utter nonsense of it all.. my children just don’t have to have it.. and there is a difference between fear and comfort..

    ..You clearly don’t see what I see.. and its fine you don’t .. I dont expect you to.. would like you too.. but don’t expect you too..

    .. I am not at all cosmic or magical.. I am a creation of God put on this earth to fulfull a purpose.. how we got here is certainly relevant .that in itself is scary to think its not…..

    It is my job to care for and protect my children….Its my job to filter what goes in their minds and what stays out.. these are my children.. this is my job as their mother.. to look out for their best interest.. and yes, thats just how it is.. what I believe in.. I pass on to my children..

    My children have a blast everyday of their lives.. we enjoy our lives thouroughly..we have tons of fun..we learn and children are my life… I see life through their eyes everyday..Its just amazing.. God is sooooo good to us .. His wonderful creations teach us everday about life, imagination, wonder, awe.. this world is just full of amazing things.. … He just blesses us everday ..and he has blessed me so much by giving me these little people ..that I would never steer them away from their Creator.. .. in anyway..body soul or spirit.

    I know you don’t understand..

  31. I see if you don’t believe in GOD you don’t get it? better not tell the buddist!!! Listen if you feel you need to control your childs life be my guest but keep your God out of your excuses for raising a child in control. btw your god is a myth too,but YOU don’t want to see that. He is based on the word of man. You consider him a supreme being, that is a mystical as you can get. So that said, little people ( children) are given to you by your body, and all women can do this ( even without GOD,go figure!!) Anyways, get off your soap box and quit turning this into a religious, bible beating session. I need no witnessing. I am sure no one else here does either. GO read your bible and live in the fantasy world you choose, but the boohbahs are created by the same human bodies your mythical god was. That was the conversation the boohbahs not your religious nonsense. Keep it to your self and if people need it they will come to you instead of your pusing attitude about it. Geez get a life.

  32. WOW JUDI !!

    How harsh.. how sad… my heart is very sadden for you..

    take care..

  33. Judi..All this has been weighing heavy in my spirit.. and I just wanted to come back here because I believe that I actually owe you an apology..

    I’m not sorry for believing in God..or mentinoing his name here or even saying how I raise my children…or how I feel about the boobahs.. and nothing that you said will I take into consideration..
    cause I have been there and done all that already… however..

    I am sorry that I didnt clarify my statement better.. “I know you don’t understand.. I did not mean that in a mean way or as a personal attack on you..I think you took it that way.. and I was in no way thumping my Bible.. if I was.. you would clearly have known that .. I was not trying to sway you into thinking my way either.. I was just merely stating my own feelings about boobahs and why I felt that way.. just like others..

    Its no secret that unbelievers don’t understand believers.. or why they live the way the live or do what they do.. and that is what I meant..I know that because once upon a time.. I was an unbeliever…

    and thats all.. I hope you will accept my apology.. as I was wrong for how I said that..not responsible for your reaction.. but maybe if I said it differently it would not have spurred so much anger.. but then again maybe not.. either way I just needed to extend an apology for my lack of consideration on how I spoke ..

  34. Let’s not have this discussion turn into a thread on the merits of religion and belief. I think that what many of us here are finding really strange is that there even exists a Christian point of view capable of rendering an opinion on whether Boobah is OK for their kids. It’s the most innocent show imaginable, with no conceivable connection to sinful thinking. It promotes imagination and creativity. Everything about it is OK according to every conceivable known law of any conceivable church. Certainly nothing in it is counter to anything in the Bible. If someone thinks it’s “too weird” for their kids then I feel sorry for their kids for having such uptight, stifling, unimaginative parents. If someone thinks there’s a Christian reason for not watching Boobah, then I feel sorry for them and for their kids for completely missing the point of having Jesus in your life to begin with.

    Relax. Enjoy life. Stick to Jesus’ words and be a good person. But don’t try and connect imaginary religious doctrine to even the most innocent, uplifting, creative things in this world. Go that way and you’re one step away from banning music and art and creative pursuits of humanity altogether. That ways lies Muslim-style fundamentalist oppression.

  35. wow wow wow wow wow wow…….What a lesson this has been in my Walk with the Lord!!!!!!!!!!

    I really am glad that I happened upon this board and posted.. I learned a valuable lesson… and my lesson has nothing to do with boobahs !!!

    My words have been totally taken out of context… I have sorely been misunderstood and wrongly accused..

    and if I take the advice given to stick to Jesus’ words.. then Jesus teaches that when this happens to a believer.. The believer is to just turn and walk away..and bless everyone and pray for everyone..

    So God Bless you all and I’ll be praying for you..

  36. WOW!

    How Whacked is this! religion and Boohbas?? who woulda thunk! :p

    Ok seriously all that said, I am becoming increasingly concerned with the negative things I am reading about this show, first off in my 12 years of parenting I have NEVER seen such a captivating show (from the kids perspective, well Teletubbies was close, however no cigar ;-)

    Is this show truly THAT left wing that it only appeals to really free thinkers?? (of the parenting set) or people who are very artistic? I am noticing a trend in people I have been surveying either love love love it, or you are terrified and think there is a hidden adgenda? really what does this tell you about yourself if you fall into the latter catagory.

    Get real folks!!! how whacked do you think Sesamie Street appeared to our elders back in the day, I mean a walking talking HUGE yellow bird? and a grouch in a trash can that can talk??

    Do you see where I am going here?

    I have a yet to see a child not mesmerized by this show, and I do see alot viable and educational about this show!

    I hope it sticks around a while! in the meantime is a great source of merchandise :-)

  37. Thanks Scot!!

    Talk about your common sense,you did a pretty awsome job yourself. You too Mom to several boohbah lovers. YOu both see waht I see in the program fun for babies and toddlers etc. Some things just have to be fun, this program fills the void very well. Thanks for the web merch info. Hope it come to the US soon. Meanwhile my sweet grandson will continue to dance and smile and lose himself in the pure joy of this show, and me too!!!

    Have a great day all!!!



    The names are: HUMBAH (yellow), JUMBAH (blue), JINGBAH (pink), ZING ZING ZINGBAH (orange) and ZUMBAH (purple). ;)

  39. hey did anyone else notice that they have lights under their skin?

    i dont kno my friend n i watch it early in the morning before school just becuase its so hypnotic
    but ive never seen it all the way thru because we hafta catch the bus

    oh another thing have you noticed the weird thumping noise in teh background when they dance

    its almost like…


    creepy poo

  40. OMG that show is scary i dare’nt watch it, bald babies with lumps on their heads and them…. them eyes… just scary

  41. hahaha!
    I’m in high school, and I watch this show with my friends for a good laugh. They are so fat and funny looking when they dance, especially when they speed up. Some of the “look what I can do!” segments are really long, but that doesn’t stop me from watching it. I ALWAYS get a good laugh, which I’m sure is good for parents that have kids that want them to watch this with them, because parents will find it quite humorous.

    Long live zingzing zingbah!!!!

  42. they make me feel ill.
    i collect pics, not because i like them but they scare me soo much

    they actually make me want to be sick.

  43. boohbah is the creepiest thing i have ever seen and its hilarious
    my mom told me they look like a penis

  44. My wife and I first encountered Boohbah years ago, on a road trip, looking for something to entertain the kids one morning. I was completely blown away, then I forgot its name, unfortunately, and it has only lived as a memory within me until I recently decided to seek it out on the web.

    Boohbah is psychedelics for toddlers, make no mistake about it.

    Does it rise above mere absurdity and actually have a point? They certainly claim it does, but it’s hard to see how their points about atoms, etc., would actually resonate with children. Children like colors and dancing and silly noises, sure.

    One thing for certain: Boohbah is a polarizing force within our community, at least based on the comments on this post. I experience a momentary fear that one day in our future, men in uniform, holding machine guns, will ask each of us whether we love or hate Boohbah, so that they can sort us into one line or another based on our answer. One of the lines will merely route people back into the world as they know it, the other line will route people into some kind of prison camp where they will live out their final days. Which answer gets you into which line is what is yet to be determined.

  45. Started watching boohbah. Got curious if it had any biblical influence and found this blog. What a ride. Pretty sure it’s something. Also, does anybody know how big they are compared to the average human? My friends and I have come to the conclusion that they are much larger than you think. Titans even. Like massive gods in space. Whatever though. If you’re reading this in the future, I’m sorry the events that happened to you happened. I hope things get better soon.

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