Ravi Coltrane

Amy and I had our first real date in over a year — babysitter and everything. Went to see Ravi Coltrane at Yoshi’s. Ravi is the son of the great John Coltrane, though his father died when he was only two, so he didn’t grow up under the influence (though certainly under the shadow). Modern bop, pulsing rhythm section, very moving but not quite mind blowing. It must be incredibly difficult to be on stage with everyone looking for your father in you. Especially when you’ve chosen to take up the same instrument.

Yoshi’s is so genteel — “jazz under glass.” No smoking allowed. Nobody talks, glasses don’t clink, everyone totally attentive. There’s a lot to be said for that, and the sound system there is unparalleled — truly marvelous cahoustics. But it also feels a bit sterile; you find yourself wishing someone would fall drunk over your table, or knock an ashtray onto the floor or something.

Started with sushi dinner. Used to see music so often, felt great to be out at a club; even greater to date my wife again!

Music: Adam And The Ants :: Antmusic

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