Any Ace Hardware has a dozen or so lawn sprinklers to choose from, from dirt simple plastic rings on up to precision oscillating drums with variable scope, built-in clog pick, and snap-on hose attachment. But none are as elegant as the simple anodized aluminum head. Red for rectangular lawns, blue for squares, green for circular (I think). Just like when I was five. How long has this sprinkler been manufactured without alteration? Seems to have looked like this forever. Simple, works, beautiful, why change? Finished final stage of lawn this weekend, installing bender board. Ready to plant the beds.

Music: The Clash :: Washington Bullets

2 Replies to “Sprinkler”

  1. now that looks like a kick-azz lawn.

    having grown up in texas all my life, i’ve taken grass for granted. my mom, originally from the mid-west, tells stories about how you actually have to work to get grass to grow out there. here… you don’t even have to water the ground (except in the dead heat of june/july) and the stuff just sprouts up everywhere.

  2. I always find that the weeds grow better than the grass here in Florida.

    I wonder why we don’t just grow some nice weeds instead of grass?

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