rsync backup

Working on new backup systems based on the tremendously flexible rsync, which ships with OS X and Server. Clever details here on utilizing hard links for incremental backups. The trick is shifting gears between contexts all the time; nose buried in man pages one moment, then helping a student discover the magic of File | Open (no kidding) the next, then lugging projectors and plugging in cables ten minutes later. Such a schizo job. Seldom build enough momentum to really sync into a task.

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  1. for some reason everyone here now uses scp. used to rsync everything. if you want i’ll find out why. AFAIK they are both part of any unix distro worth it’s salt, and if not should be easily had.

  2. I would be interested in knowing their reasons; my understanding is that both are using the same secure layer, so security should be the same. But scp doesn’t transfer diffs, does it? I don’t want to copy gigabytes into the main mirror every day, just update the mirror to stay in sync. If I understand correctly, rsync is the right tool for the job (backups), though other file transfer tasks would have different needs. Yeah, let me know what you find out.

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