Follow-Up: J-School OS X Lab Migration

It’s been more than a year since I posted How Our OS X Rollout Was Hamstrung, on how the absence of a free version of Pro Tools for OS X was preventing the Berkeley J-School’s multimedia lab program from making the jump from OS 9 to X. The issue was that Pro Tools Free wouldn’t run in Classic mode, and we didn’t want our students dual-booting. We’re finally making the switch. And we had to dump Pro Tools to do it. Follow-up story at my ORA blog.

Music: Pere Ubu :: Drive

2 Replies to “Follow-Up: J-School OS X Lab Migration”

  1. interesting. any idea if emagic had a hand in designing soundtrack? (besides the emagic-sourced plugins).

    one strange thing: i’m either not looking hard enough, or there’s no midi sequencing features. seems odd. but then again, they don’t want people to quit buying logic….


  2. My understanding is that there are chunks of emagic in Soundtrack — this is part of the fruits of the purchase. “Emagic will operate as a wholly owned division of Apple.” Not sure how all the pieces are related.

    I don’t think there are any MIDI capabilities in Soundtrack, at least not in this first version.

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