Wooden Mirror

This is fairly old (1999) but very cool — Daniel Rozin’s Wooden Mirror uses an array of wood chips mounted on tiny servo motors which position themselves to reflect light in something resembling grayscale (woodscale?) in response to a processed image coming in from a tiny camera in the middle of the array. The result is a panel of wood chips that reflects the appearance and motion of the person standing in front of it.

This QuickTime movie is probably the best way to appreciate (catch the second half for close-ups). Can’t recall having seen digital technology used to create such a totally analog experience before. Runs on an old Mac 8600 AV, software written in a combination of C and Macromedia Director, of all things.

Music: Peter Frampton :: Doobie Wah

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  1. Way Cool id love to have this thing in my house, hmm it runs on an old mac, does anyone think that daniel could add a dedicated computer into it not like a mac or a pc in case something went wrong with it, dedicated i mean like portable mp3 players and dvd players devices without a hard drive or worry about crashing, i mean like if the power goes out you can just shut it off and turn it back on and within a few seconds its back in business, just a comment but BTW great technology,lol imagine shaving in front of this mirror or combing ur hair lol

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