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For some reason, started thinking about The Banana Splits again recently. I watched a lot of them between ’69 and ’71, age 5-7, and they burned themselves into my wee brain. This was in an era when all the tripping hippies went to work for Hollywood and made mainstream TV psychedelic as well. And they did it before there was much in the way of special effects. Sid and Marty Kroffts was running Liddsville, HR Puff-n-Stuff, Sigmund and the Sea Monsters… all these amazing over-the-top sets and absurd costumes. The Banana Splits weren’t produced by the Kroffts, but they did design the costumes and sets.

Anyway. Recently looking through a family album and came across the picture above — me at age 7 in a leisure suit for lads, on a shag carpet with brother John, building the original Aurora model of the Banana Splits Banana Buggy (color pix of that box here). Like most boys, my models sat around for years, then I blew them up with firecrackers at about 13 or so. Would love to have that buggy back. RetroResin is apparently preparing to re-release it.

Joined the Banana Splits mailing list, and the very next day the guy who was inside the Fleegle costume joined the list as well. Amazing.

If your memory of the Splits is vague, listen to the Tra La La Song — it’ll all come back in a rush. Gotta find some videos or DVDs of the old shows, have a festival at home.

Flippin’ like a pancake
Poppin’ like a cork
Fleegle, Bingo, Drooper and Snork

Music: The Seeds :: 900 Million People Daily All Making Love

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  1. Oh man, the Banana Splits! I loved that show. Every once in a while that song just pops into my head. I musta been born a year before you. Those six wheeled buggies–I wanted one of them!

  2. If you ever find yourself near Mt. Hutt on New Zealands South Island there’s a motel near there that when I stayed there had a side-line business in doing tours/obstacle courses in Argonauts (the six wheel buggies used in the TV Show).

    Looked like fun – but I was there for the skiing.

  3. Have you heard of the CD “Saturday Morning Cartoon’s Greatest Hits”, put out in 1995? A bunch of great songs from cartoons past (the newest being the Ren & Stimpy theme). It includes the Banana Splits, HR Puff-N-Stuff, and Sigmund theme songs, all done by “alternative” rockers. Great stuff–my favorites being the Ramones doing “Spiderman” and the Butthole Surfers doing “Underdog”. You can find it on Amazon. I’ve had mine, with well-worn liner notes from three kids handling it over the years, since it came out. I may need to get a new one soon.

  4. Hi Scot,

    I remember the Banana Splits, but I must have been watching repeats, as I was born in ’75.

    So, you were 5 in ’69? Makes you the same age as my brother…

    /useless factoid.

  5. think , not thing

    a dj in Buffalo used to spin a splits/marley mix back in the late eighties. in my college years. undeniable ripoff/homage.

  6. Memories from age 4-6 lodge deeply in the subconscious mind, leaving prominient traces on the soul to follow through life. One might say that we live this ‘Banana Splits Show’ every day of my life. Think about it.

  7. Unbelievable :| … im in the kitchen about to make tea and this tune pops into my head… Tra la la, la la la la… Tra la la, la la la la… Hmm i remember that … that was from that show.. now what was it…one banana two banana, three banana, four… hmmm another 25mins of being driven mad by this tune later and a had worked out half the song, remembered some of the shows they had in the show… and the name the Banana Splits finally pops into my head… don’t know where it came from but there you go… Now me thinks ill just have a quick surf and see if anyone else has ever heard of it… OMG … i didnt expect to find you guys. It must of been mid 70’s when i was watching it.

    Four bananan, three banana, two banana, one.
    All bananas playing in the bright warm sun…


  9. Oh man… I’m a high schooler now and remember seeing this on cartoon network when I was little. None of my friends believed that it was a real show when I asked them about it (for some reason I thought of it during lunch today), so I vowed to find out. Thanks!

  10. I just would like to say I’ve really enjoyed watching that particular show alot and I think they should put their varity show on dvd and video as well ya’ll agree with this come on now guys what do you say about that ?

  11. Im looking for the show in which a witch sings these words:

    “She gotta lovely nose. Roman nose over her face ya know”

    Pretty Hopeless

  12. Hey there,

    Just thought it was kinda cool to see a blog about the Banana Splits so I had to make some comment…lol I did enjoy the show as a kid even though by the time I was watching it it was reruns possibly. I was born in ’72 so odds are they were. But none the less the hour was a favorite of mine and still is when I think about it. Would be excellent if the was a DVD or VHS collection out there..I still smile when I hear the song, In fact I have it and find my self palying it time to time..

    One banana, two bananas, three bananas, four..four bananas make a bunch and so do many more Over hills and highway the banana buggies go coming on to bring you the banana splits show

  13. Now try singing Bob Marley’s “Buffalo Soldier” at the same time. Interesting how those melodies overlap, eh? :)

  14. Andrew Kimpton mentioned the six wheel buggies, called argonauts. Would love to build one for my son. Anyone know how to, or where to get the plans?

    Thanks, Andy.

  15. Has anybody figured it out yet.
    The witch in this chilfren tv show, “SHe’s got a lovely Roman Nose”

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