More Auto Wilding

Lucky neighborhood, I guess… at around 10:45 pm Friday night Amy and I heard a loud crashing and grinding sound, followed by an engine revving high. Came outside to find two pickup trucks on their sides across the street from us. In the GMC a man was struggling to get out. Me and two other bystanders helped him out of the passenger door (which was on top), I asked if he was OK (he was) and went inside to ask Amy to call 911. When I came back out, bystanders said he took off running toward Telegraph.

Oakland PD arrived in minutes and I gave a statement to an officer who did NOT believe the vehicle was stolen. Even for joyriding, he said it would be very rare to steal a rasty old pickup like that. Stolen joyride vehicles are almost always upscale. If the car was not stolen, the driver may be easier to track down.

The only way I can figure the two trucks ended up this way is if the GMC actually drove up the side of the Toyota at angle, pitching himself up and over as if rolling off a highway median.

So let’s see… there was the pickup that plowed into the side of the house farther down on 66th a couple-three years ago. The ramming of Cecilia and Mark’s car a bit ago. The similar incident outside of Sudi’s house a bit later. And now this.

Neighbors: If you must leave the house at night, wear helmet and pads. At this point, I think you have a better chance of being run over by a wilder than you do of being mugged.

And we’re going to raise our kid here? Right.

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