Mesmer Eyes

It is astonishing to see the effect television has on Miles. We’re not even sure whether he can focus on objects across the room, but if the TV is on, he’s glued to the set. He has no language comprehension and no idea what the forms on the screen are doing, but he is absolutely mesmerized by the dancing pixels and shapes. We can even be standing in the kitchen with him and see him craning his neck to see the TV in the living room. It’s the primordial modern babysitter. No matter what our ideas are about shielding him from TV’s influence, one glimpse is all it takes. Heroin for babies.

We don’t really worry about this rabid attraction to the tube. TV’s negative side is its trashy programming. But it’s not about content for infants – they just like the light forms, and at that level, it’s no worse than watching his mobile, which he can also watch for half an hour at a time. We also have a lot of fun setting him on my lap and running the iTunes visualizer full-screen – he’s equally mesmerized (Daddy’s a sucker for that game too ;)

In the past week or two Miles has learned to grasp intentionally, rather than randomly. He now holds his pacifier in his own mouth, and can hold a stuffed kitty to his chest. He grabs Amy’s hair, buttons on my shirt, etc. He was doing some of that earlier, but now it seems very intentional. “I want that.”

Yesterday he started making raspberries with his lips, buzzing and flapping through the drool. The cool thing is we can do it call and response. I’ll raspberry and he’ll raspberry back, and so on. Drool volume is way up – we think he may be in the early stages of teething.

Music: Ozric Tentacles :: Erpland

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