Survivor Lessons

You’d think we would have had enough of Survivor after five seasons, but it’s a guilty pleasure. Once again, I come away from the season with two core observations:

1) Everyone (not virtually everyone, but everyone) looks better with a few days stubble, no makeup, a natural tan, their hair unkempt, a chilled out ‘tude, and no shoes on their feet than they do when they get back to the studio for the follow-up, when you see them in their hair-dos and Sunday-Go-To-Meetings.

2) Democracy is the ultimate leveling mechanism, shaving off both the weak at the bottom and the strong at the top. Trimming out the strong personalities, the good fighters, the smart puzzlers. The winner is always nice but not too nice, gentle but not too gentle, helpful but not too helpful, etc. The winner is, almost by definition, above average, not exceptional. Survivor is a microcosm of our own political system.

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  1. Regarding the looks: That is one of the reasons why I like it here in Colorado front range: lots of people who spend lots of time outside and not in front of the bathroom mirror.

    But, gee, Survivor is in the 5th season? I didn’t even know that there were a fourth!

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