Printer Sharing – The Missing Link

ORA blog: Our home printer sharing issue has finally been solved. As it turns out, CUPS has a nifty http interface, which becomes available as soon as you enable printer sharing – just hit http://localhost:631….

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  1. You don’t have to enable printer sharing. It’s available all the time. (For example, I don’t have printer sharing enabled and never have, but I have the CUPS http interface.) Perhaps if you enable sharing it reconfigures the firewall to allow inbound connections? *shrug* I haven’t checked to see if mine can be connected to from off of my machine, but I use it all the time locally.

  2. Well now this is weird – on my machine, the CUPS UI is there whether sharing is enabled or not. But on Amy’s machine, it’s only available if Printer Sharing is enabled.

    I do have Apache running on my box. Do you?

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