The Saucy Vicar and More

Taking the associative database concept one step further, Recommended Reading will examine your web site and recommend other sites you might like to watch … Did Bill Gates really say this? … Who can tell their arse from their elbow? … Careless use of fonts can lead to misunderstandingDancing Spidey renews my faith in the coolness of animated GIFs — and I’m not even a big Spidey fan … Was recently reminded that the wayback machine can be used to dig up truly ancient pages and sites – try visiting the site of an old employer or something – scary … Remember when the Incredible Hulk and friends were advertising Hostess cake products in the pages of your favorite comics? … Use Entourage rather than (like me) and wish iPhoto’s “Mail” feature would export images to Entourage? You need the iPhoto mail patcher … The W3C has completely redesigned their site(s) with CSS, just as Wired did a while ago and I’m planning to do at the J-School this summer … This saucy vicar ruined Christmas for a bunch of kids, telling them that Santa would burn up from the friction of traveling so fast if he was real … A chair slips on a pile of spaghetti, which is great entertainment if your’re insane (nice Eno/Budd soundtrack though!) … Think the press is rightward-leaning? Right … America is having technical difficulties, please stand by … who is the single most influential media reporter in the world? … Swell rapping horsies (click on them sequentially) … A bar where the drinks are named after famous artists – I’ll take an Yves Tanguy, straight up – Nice Bosch sequence … Hunter S. Thompson: Dumbness deserves no sympathy (don’t settle for second hand hasish smoke) … You’ve never heard “YMCA” sung like this … One of the great things about moving from LiveJournal to Movable Type is that you get a lot more comments from nut-jobs.

A flag … flying free in a vacuum
Nixon sucks a dry martini
Ghosts of american astronauts
Stay with us in our dreams
      – The Mekons

Music: Gong :: Tropical Fish Selene

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