Every year I forget how much effort goes into the holiday CDs – building the perfect playlist, burning a pile of non-coasters*, making the playlist fit onto a printable square, selecting cover images from old National Geographics, gluing playlists to backs of pictures, labeling discs, finding envelopes, writing notes, going to the post office… and I love it all. Great way to spend a rainy weekend.

* Never made coasters on the Mac before, but for some reason having a lot of trouble lately – I always liked Sony blanks best, but they’re crapping out now, one after t’other. Switched to Memorex and turned down the burn speed, seems fine. What the heck has changed between last year and this?

Music: Lovage :: Strangers On A Train

3 Replies to “Shrinkrap”

  1. I’ve had nothing but problems with Memorex CD-Rs. Coasters galore. Or, if I manage to successfully burn one, within 6 months it has unreadable sectors.

    I haven’t used Sony in about a year. I had no problems with them.

    I only use Verbatim now because they’re the only CD-Rs that maintain they’re data integrity after several years.

  2. Memorex is the only CD-R vendor I have ever had any luck with… I have been using them for years now with no trouble… I have had lots of trouble with other vendors (Verbatim and Sony included).

    I guess that goes to show you that the “good media vendor” it is very dependent on your drive…

  3. I’ve always had better luck with Kodaks than any other brand. First-rate data integrity, no coasters. Die-hards swear by Mitsui (not to be confused with Mitsumi, the maker of CD-ROM drives), but tracking down Mitsui discs is tougher. The only way I’ve ever been able to find them is by scanning the back pages of magazines catering to A/V pros.

    But you’re right, Sean, the best discs to use in one brand of drive can be horrible in another brand.

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