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If you put a blank CD in your Mac, you can drag files onto it, eject it, let it burn, and get a nice cross-platform ISO9660 CD out the other end. Do the same with a blank DVD and you get a Mac-only HFS+ DVD. There is apparently no way to make a cross-platform data DVD from the Finder. Of course, Apple doesn’t tell you this – doesn’t even mention it in their Knowledge Base. You just waste a bunch of money on $5 blank DVDs, thinking something else must have gone wrong, since you’ve never made a coaster with this technique before.

The solution turns out to be Toast. Hooey.

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  1. It is lame that Apple made the Finder burn
    DVDs in a Mac-only fashion while CDs come
    out PC-friendly, especially when so much
    about MacOS X is cross-platform friendly,
    but then again, it’s lame that PCs can’t
    read Mac-formatted disks without third party
    software being installed on them, n’est-ce pas?

    Just did a bit of searching on Apple’s website
    and found this:

    in a post by Gerrit DeWitt:
    “You can create a DVD with data that can be read
    on multiple operating systems.

    Use Disk Copy (/Applications/Utilities/) to create a
    new disk image file (.dmg file) whose size is 4.7 GB.
    This is a preset size in the save dialog.

    Format the disk image using the Universal Disk
    Format (UDF) filesystem. The disc will NOT be a
    hybrid (one volume made available via more than
    one file system), but it will be legible by multiple

    Copy the data to the disk image, then use Disk
    Copy’s Burn Image command to burn the contents
    to a blank DVD-R disc. ”

    Looking at options in Disk Copy, you can also
    format a DVD-R sized disk image as “MS-DOS
    File System format” in addition to UFS, HFS or
    HFS+. Not as simple as using the Finder, but
    at least you don’t have to buy Toast Deluxe.

    Kiss a baby for me will ya?

  2. What a brilliant suggestion – and very elegant. Thanks for the research, pal! I’ll have to give this a shot (although we did end up purchasing Toast, which is a very nice app).

    Should consider posting this to as well.

    You rock.

  3. Personally, I’m so used to using
    Toast Deluxe (for years) that I burn
    all my media with it regardless of other
    options. My awareness of Disk Copy
    has been expanded considerably in the
    last couple of days, though, thru the
    post I quoted from Apple’s Discussions
    and thru a class on MacOS X trouble-
    shooting I just finished here in NYC,
    conducted by the inimitable Ted Landau
    of fame.

    BTW, you, of course, rock too; like father,
    like son, I suppose.

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