Count me among the growing throngs of Mac users heading for the greener pastures of Chimera. Faster and lighter than IE, better bookmarking, tabbed browsing, nice hotkeys for increasing / decreasing font size, not from Microsoft, and not subject to IE’s retarded stylesheet cacheing bug (which is murder for CSS developers) … what more could you want in a browser?

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  1. For me, Chimera is the slowest browser of all 6 on MacOSX (with close second OmniWeb). I find faster of all Opera and Mozilla (still slow of course compared to a similarly powered PC with WinXP). Scrolling and especially resizing is just nearly not possible on Chimera. IE and iCab seem to be of medium concern…

  2. I haven’t checked out Opera 7 yet, but I’m loving Chimera most of the time. I still use IE a lot. I rarely use Mozilla any more (except in the sense that Chimera is Mozilla), let along Omniweb or Netscape.

    I have noticed that my bookmarklets (and the link for this comment page) don’t work in Chimera, which may because I have the unwanted-popup buster turned on. I read somewhere that there’s a more compliant way of doing Javscript popups, but this could be the wrong tree up which I am barking.

  3. Interesting – I thought the Chimera popup blocker just blocked *unbidden* popups – if you click a link to get one, it should still work. Working for me here.

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