10 Replies to “Boxen”

  1. To be clear, I actually do think the term is pretty clever, and yes, deeply established. My problem is that a lot of people can’t refer to computers as computers. It’s as if they’re *compelled* to refer to them as boxen on every reference, and it gets tiresome to read discussions sometimes, with this “clever” phrase inserted every four words….

  2. Oh, that’s where you’re coming from. I know the feeling – usually I get it when I read postings where the writer feels compelled to always replace ‘Microsoft’ with ‘Micro$oft’ or one of the other “clever” nicknames.

  3. It was preceded by the unofficial multiple term for a Digital Equipment VAX (which for those too young to recall was the first 32 bit minicomputer and the original Unix platform) – Vaxen

    So don’ mess with my underwear, bub. :)


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