Pelted by Pine Needles

My dad lives up in the mountains. His life is not like yours and mine.

Thurs, I finally got a day off and planned to do so much. What happened? A major wind and rain storm came through. At 2.30 am I am buck naked on the deck tieing down tarps on my woodpiles. Swing, bar-b-q etc. It was blowing 30-40 mph, heavy rain and pine needles pelting me like arrows. Just as I finished the power went out. I cooked breakfast on the coleman stove, meditated in the dark and tried to read in the gloomy light. Thank goodness for the wood burning stove.

I read stuff like that and wonder if I’m going soft, wonder whether city life may have run its course. Wonder what I’m missing by having cushy comfort handed over on a platter day after day.

Any way you slice it, my dad rocks.

Music: Son House :: Government Fleet Blues

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  1. Scot, since I live in the mountains, and have lived in the city, I have to say they both offer loads for the mind, body and soul. However, the mtns are much more fulfilling for me, and I don’t have rush hour to contend with, more time for me, growth, and giving to others. In all, I believe we always want what we dont’ have, but don’t really live in the moment to appreciate what we do have. I hope you find it, it it seems you are looking for it, it is right there, what a wonderful gift Miles is.

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