Cheap Thrills

There was this record store in SLO when I was growing up — baald knows it — Cheap Thrills. I can’t describe what a profound effect that store had on me… not your typical cut-out record store. Actually it’s still in business, but in a different building with no remaining redeeming qualities.

Every quarter Cheap Thrills put out a new wall calendar, always with art by a different local artist. I have a collection of about 20 of these, all different, all rolled up for the ages. There was one that was a forever favorite – Spring 1978 – this floppy astronaut standing on the moon looking towards you, in a sort of Robert Crumb hand, if R. Crumb drew in more detail. If you look closely at that hockey puck / biscuit thing in his hand, it says “Pay Attention” (you can’t see that in this pic). There’s something else funky about the image. Something that your parents never got around to seeing because parents don’t notice that kind of stuff. That was what was cool about it. Only teenagers ever dug the secret detail.

cheap thrills

(click for larger version)

In 1986 they re-released the same calendar, but with the secret detail missing. What is it?

“But if that light’s under a bushel, it’s lost something kind of crucial…”

I’m finally going to get around to framing the 1978 one. Been meaning to for ages.

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