Remember My #!!!!

You know when you’re on hold waiting to tallk to someone at the bank, or phone company, or whatever, and the robot lady voice asks you to enter your account number followed by the pound sign? And then 10 minutes later the person comes on and asks for your account number? And you say, “I just typed it in!” And they say, “I’m sorry sir, I don’t have it in front of me.” You know what I’m talking about?

I can understand how this could happen from time to time, but it’s, like *all* the time!

Why is betips down today? Now my cheapthrills image from last night’s post isn’t working. Urgh.

2 Replies to “Remember My #!!!!”

  1. word. i have never understand why i am punching in account numbers only to recount them 30 seconds later.

    are you the same scot hacker from beos fame? if so i owe you many thanks for all your help in the beos days.

    i got here today looking for information on playlists in foobar2000 but it pulled your personal blog.


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