When you bring MP3s from one iTunes 3 machine to another, the Play Count attributes are preserved. This means the Play Count is stored as ID3 data, not in the iTunes database, as I had thought. And this in turn means that iTunes is using ID3v2 rather than ID3v1, even though there’s no preference for ID3v1 vs ID3v2.

I’m actually not very interested in the Play Count data, though it’s kind of cool to have a Smart Playlist consisting only of tracks I’ve never played before. What I actually am using that I didn’t expect to is the star-rating system. When tracks come through that I really dig, I give them 4 or 5 stars. A Smart Playlist aggregates these, and I can use this playlist as a source for quick compilation CD gifts, etc. Likewise, poorer tracks get 1 or 2 stars, and a “worst tracks” playlist lets me quickly cull deadwood for archiving or deletion. You can set ratings quickly by Ctrl+clicking iTunes in the dock.

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