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Well, we weren’t really sure whether we wanted too much influence on our baby naming decision, but finally decided what the hell, and posted a baby naming poll at babycenter, where Mike works. Please vote. We reserve the right to totally ignore public opinion ;)

Speaking of baald, he recently picked up this amazing 3-CD compendium of Burt Bacharach tracks – baby, this music is huge!

“Don’t send him off with your hair in curlers, he may never return….”

9 Replies to “Baby Name Poll”

  1. I really like the name Parker for my boy to be. But as labor draws near, I am getting mixed reactions from frinds and family members. Please comment on the name PARKER.

  2. I can’t decide between Ava,Sylvia or Sloane.
    What sounds the best with the last name Strunk.

  3. My husband and I are in a bit of a bind. We’ve been picking out names for our baby and we came up with 2 to put together but I like 1 way and he likes another. We’ve polled the family and would like to get some more opinions. It is for a girl (the boy is Leo Andrew) and it is between:

    Piper Mackenzie OR Mackenzie Piper.

    What do you think?

  4. I like the name Sloane. My nine year old daughter is named Sloane Victoria.

  5. I like Sloane and Parker a lot. Very unique, but not weird. I am a mother of a two year old, and let me tell you, there are Ava’s everywhere. Atleast once a week I hear of a new baby being named Ava. In fact, just yesterday there were 2 Ava’s in my daughter’s gymnastic’s class, and the teacher had a 3 month old named Ava. It is extremely popular in the under 2 crowd. If you don’t hang out with a lot of toddlers, you probably haven’t heard it used a lot. Ava is bound to be the equivalent of the Jennifers and Sarahs I grew up with!

  6. I’m not sure Sloan would work, with or without the e.

    I haven’t heard of Ava being popular – it might be a regional thing.

    My three-year-old is Owen.

    One-year-old is Logan.

    Piper is actually fairly popular.

  7. Ava is the #4 name in the US right now. It is very newly popular, so the Ava’s are all under the age of 4. There are 2 in my daughter’s preschool, and I have 3 friends with a baby names Ava.

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