Batch-deleting Twitter favorites

Update: This script broke when Twitter started requiring all API interactions to use oAuth2. The script would have to be made far more complex to support this change, and I have no plans to do so. My current advice: Leave your favorites in place. They don’t hurt anything. Think of them like Facebook “Like”s – you wouldn’t try and delete those, would you?

I read Twitter primarily on the iPhone, and find tons of great links I want to read in a proper browser later on (I personally find reading most web sites on an iPhone to be more hassle than it’s worth). Perfect solution: Side-swipe an item in Tweetie and tap the star icon to mark it as a favorite. Later, visit the Favorites section at to follow up.

Unfortunately, over the past couple of years I’ve favorited way more things than I’ll ever have time to read. As of now, I’ve got 1600 favorites waiting to be read. Ain’t never gonna happen. I declare Twitter Favorite bankruptcy! Needed a way to batch-unfavorite the whole collection, and doesn’t provide a tool for that.

Ended up writing a script on top of the Tweepy library to get the job done:

Twitter Favorites Bankruptcy

5 Replies to “Batch-deleting Twitter favorites”

  1. I use when I want to delete all of my Twitter favorites. Its worth the $5 but I think you can do up to 50 for free.

  2. The service from Lauren Proctor, linked to above, is not legitimate. We paid and received nothing.

  3. Do not fall for Lauren Proctor’s scam, she does absolutely nothing. She just wants your money and your Twitter password. She doesn’t reply to emails and she’s very unprofessional. Do not do business with this scam artist.

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