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  1. 1 The united nations has long rejected American capitalistic leadership. The U.N. rejecting George Bush and all his attempts to unite world democratic unions against socialism being promoted by free markets. President Bush is greatly hated abroad after freeing Iraq from tyranny. Especially are they angry that Iraq is succeeeding after leftists predicted its failure! One world government under socialism is what much of Europe and the U.N. seek to promote today, and socialism is what Obama supports. The democratic unity mentioned by George Bush would have become a world union of united democratic states all working together for freedom, and not a domination of socialism as many have tried to pin on Bush. Otherwise Bush would have instituted a socialist state inside Iraq! The truth is simply that socialists worked hard to remove Bushes influence so they could put their plan of a world order in place.. World government promoted by the United nations aims to create world socialism by working against our American order of freedom. Remember “new world” once meant an American order, not Europe! These subjects must be viewed as separate political systems even though many people confuse them all as the same thing. Conspiracy buffs mistakenly lump Bush into European socialism as part of the plot, while ignoring the fact that they hated him and resisted him the whole time he was in office! This confusion of the truth explains why enemies of Bush in Europe sent millions of dallars to elect Obama, and did everything in their power to destroy Bush with the help of a socialistic left media. The plan of the socialists was to destroy our American unity by destroying the unity Bush commanded on 9/11. They could not stand that moment when Americans united on 9/12 and Bush spoke at ground zero about the terrorists hearing from all of us. 9/12 made the left furious beyond measure, because their plan against capitalism could only work if they could devide Americans.. This also explains why the freeing of Iraq was not supported by the United nations, but instead was greatly apposed by the U.N. the U.N. rejected our troops, and openly apposed Bush going to Iraq by refusing to help us? Why? They do not want democratic nations to unite within America and Europe, nor do they want democratic states to unite within the middle east. Bush made mistakes in his presidency without a question, but free markets are what George Bush consistantly fought for, and why the Europeans hated him…Socialism promoted through Obama must fail in both America and in Europe. This is what the Bible teaches Christians in Daniel chapter 2. “The Iron and clay of today’s revived Europe will not stick together” within the last days according to Daniel. Socialism must fall apart.. Remember the original biblical context of this scripture predicted by Daniel told of world kingdoms which failed to unite? Why do Christians ignore the context of the original prophecies about this matter? Much of this political propaganda being sent out in e-mails to myself and others, is highly miss leading causing Christians confuse a new world (American democratic order) with a European socialism order and insist upon trying to combine these two seperated subjects into one plan for world government. Glenn Beck and Mike Medfed investigated charges of skull and bones and Bush setting up Fema death camps and found it to be false and a Lie! There is a plan to set up world order through Akorn and the IMF and the democrat party. But so many idiots have spread so much false New world information like blaming the CFR and the Masons with 9/11 conspiracies that no one wants to talk about the real problem of a world order for fear of being branded a nut. Shunn any one who spreads this crap while the real criminals of the world order go undetected. Glenn Beck tells you the truth about world order. Look at G.E and the IMF and left wing democrats and not some secret labor group and you will find understanding and creadable people will listen to real facts.. The socialist world today has already rejected the plan of Bush by electing Obama. This was Bush trying to combine American democracy with free states of Europe in order to stop tyranny. Again, there will not be a Bush free market order possible today because the Bush plan has been rejected by Europe who supported socialism, and Bush is out of power. World socialistic attempts to create a world order which will backfire and create world dissorder, as Christ promised, “Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom a gainst kingdom,” when he comes. This is clearly world dissorder that Christ predicts, such is likely caused by world socialism failing to unite mankind and must fall apart as Daniel said.. Obama must fail first, and the rest of the governments of the world all must fail. The only subject which will soon unite Europe must be their universal hatred for Israel, which leads them to an attack Israel, which plan also fails to work when Christ returns. Christians today are greatly mixed up on this subject and need to get this biblically factual book today. First they must view the video “Bible prophecies of 9/11” described above and learn what the Bible actually teaches about Iraq being freed by the free eagle after 9/11. Watch each video in perfect sequence or this video will confuse you farther. start with 1,2,3,4, etc. Also http://www.eternaltruth.net I am get e-mails about this past election being the rise of anti christ. Let me provide some answers from Bible prophecy that should calm the fears of alot of frightened Americans out there.. Jesus said,”this gospel must be preached to all the world before the end can come”.”Math.24:13.” This promise has not yet been fulfilled. Jesus said, “let no man decieve you by any means” concerning the time of my coming.”Math.24:4″ Jesus warned us about false teachers who would come to deceive us in his name, “deceiving many” about what? The early time of his coming! Jesus stated plainly that modern christians today would be “killed for my sake,” and all faithfull christians must “endure to the end.” To what end should they endure? To the end of the harvest. The harvest is here, and the workers wish to be raptured or escape the job early, hiding from the harvest. We must not actively be seeking another way to avoid these missionary responsibilities, but, work for the cause of saving many souls. Christ promised us, that he would not return for any reason, especially an early rapture, until the world wide missionary effort was completed. America is a very critical part of the gospel’s success, and America must remain a christian nation, no matter what happens. That means christians who have long practiced their faith, will now be called upon to play within the real game and perform the critical mission they have long prepared to accomplish for God… “The harvest is ready, and the laborers needed are few.” That means you, and everyone who truly follows Christ.. See video recorded below with Sarah Palin requesting Gods help for Iraq through our prayers. In world war one and world war two, it was common practice for American families to pray daily for the troops abroad. Why do we not pray for our troops as much today? Are you and your family praying for our troops each day? Are we doing this in our church meetings? Sarah Palins son is in Iraq risking his life for our country. We prayed for both Sarah Palin and McCain to win the election. I have ran into far too many christians who were not worried about this election, expecting to get raptured up to heaven in the near future.. I heard the same constant fatalism of believing that God had now removed himself from America and it was now too late for us. It would seem that half of Americans still voted against Obama. Saddam and Gamora would have been spared had God found 10 righteous people. The reports show clearly that as many as 4 to 5 million christians did not bother to vote this year. I believe we lost this election partly because of this widespread rapture theory which has removed the advantage of christian voter numbers. I wrote a book to warn christians about false teachers who have come in the name of Jesus in order to decieve them concerning the time of his coming. Obama has prevailed, but he will face an economic crisis in which he will not have the skill, nor experience to confront such a growing nightmare, nor will he be able to contain it. When his policies fail, the domocrats will certainly have no one else to blame. The country will be forced to seek better leadership from leaders like Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney and others who have great skill to fix our economy.

  2. paul – You are completely and utterly off the hook. I tried very hard to make sense of your mammoth run-on paragraph above, but unfortunately could not begin to sort out the words from the crazy.

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