Y’all dream. Dream of all the things you could be doing if you weren’t glued to the job, glued to the family, glued to the tube. Watch Discovery and wonder if you should take up hang gliding / hitch-hiking / kayaking / gator wrestling / any activity that gets you off your seat and helps you milk life to the fullest. You know, that “50 things to do before I die” list? How many of those items do you really think you’ll cross off?

Brett [Something] decided the only way to make sure he crossed all 50 items off his list would be to leave the house and get started. And not come back until everything on the list was done.

  • Go through a hedge maze
  • Create a crop circle
  • Tour the Crayola Factory
  • Geocache in all 48 contiguous states
  • Drive a race car
  • Make Moonshine
  • Learn survival skills
  • Etc.

Calls himself Amtrekker. Travels with four T-shirts, one pair of pants, one pair of shorts, and a backpack full of technology he uses to blog about his adventures and produce a weekly podcast from wherever he is at the time. And he’s doing it. Living the adventure dream you and I only dream about really doing. Only a few more items left on his list, then he can go back home.

Great interviews with Brett in the Podcacher podcast, episodes 178 and 189.

Go Brett!

Music: Bobby Previte & The New Bump :: Drive South, Along The Canyon

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