Robot Piñata

Robot-Pinata Robot-themed party plans for Miles’ 6th continue apace. Last weekend decided to track down that elusive robot piñata, but no dice. The closest we could come was a Wall-E piñata, but no way. Decided to build our own – how hard could it be? A couple of cardboard boxes bolted together with cardboard rivets and filled with misc. party booty, wrapped in crepe paper and adorned with various parts from our robot-building grab-bag (TV speaker, busted headphones, random electronic thingy for an antenna). Arms and legs from gift-wrap tubing, swaddled in aluminum foil, and we were done in a couple of hours. To be destroyed by some blind-folded kid with a baseball bat in 15 seconds, no doubt, but we knew that going in. Should be good.

Music: Vieux Farka Touré :: Ana

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