Star Wars Museum

Sand person Spent a day of our recent vacation at the Minnesota Museum of Science’s Star Wars exhibit – the largest collection of actual Star Wars props and models ever assembled. Miles was jumping out of his skin with excitement, seeing actual/life-sized land speeders and battle droids, scaled down ship models used by ILM in various episodes, trying to pierce the veil of the Jawas. The exhibit took every opportunity to use the props as learning opps – we got to assemble our own maglev trains, program R2 units to negotiate an obstacle course, build support systems for robots capable of standing both on flat and sloped ground, and C3PO hosted a 15-minute live-action educational robot show… a nice combination of education and learning. Finished up the day by jumping to hyperspace in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon, very convincing. If the lines between fact and fiction weren’t blurry enough before last week, they are now!

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  1. Together my freind Aidan and I have over 1500 star wars toys!

    Beat that sucker!

    (I don’t mean it when I call you a “sucker”, I just like the

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