Minnesota 2008

Sorry it’s been so quiet around here for a while. One of the busiest stretches in memory. This summer:

– Three Knight Digital Media Center workshops
– Rains-it-pours freelance workload
– Old friend Rinchen back from three years in monastery; hosted big party
– Old friends Will and Sage back from three years in Australia; hosted big party
– 25th high school reunion (coming up)
– Work crazy as always
– Week in Minnesota with Amy’s family (just returned)

Minnehaha Minnesota: Rolling hills and lush wetlands. Summer thunderstorms. Nieces and nephews and grownups. Golf and tennis on the teevee. Floating down Minnehaha Creek on our backs. Geocaching in warm rain. Mosquitos, mosquitos. Orange Julius Jamboree. Steaks and burgers. Solo bicycle trek in the afternoon heat, through the woods and around the lakes, stashing bike in woods while hunting geocaches (hint: mark location of hidden bike on GPS to find it again later easily). Set mother in law up with new 20″ iMac. Ultimate Frisbee in the cul de sac with extended family, finally understand concept of blocking+interception, which I can apply next time I try to watch football or basketball. Blown away watching nine-yr-old niece navigate her social network like lightning. Puzzled by mall culture; impulse to “shop” without going to buy something in particular. Minnesota Museum of Science to see Star Wars exhibit. Read Zora Neal Hurston’s “Their Eyes Were Watching God” – amazing, moving. Fireflies. Reeds and rushes. Fish tacos. Humidity sweat, well water, sprinklers sputtering in the dusk. Idly strumming ukulele on the porch. Total recharge, much needed.

Flickr set.

Music: The Fall :: Reformation

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